About Us

Tracy Crawford

Tracy grew up in the West, but mostly she was a military brat growing up a little bit of everywhere.  She started her career in early childhood education when her eldest daughter was born.  She was looking for a preschool and still remembers how she liked the Montessori classroom compared to the chaos of so many other schools.  She created and opened Roots N Wings Montessori officially in 2012, but the school had been in the creation process for several years.  In the distant past, she was a CPA.  Prior to this school, she worked as a teacher and substitute in a variety of different Montessori schools  around the Peninsula.  In her spare time, she enjoys quilting, cooking, and time with her family.  She considers herself an “Idea” person that can implement ideas, and enjoys the creativity involved with working with children.  She particularly enjoys the creative process of curriculum development and the challenges of research.

Professional Memberships and Certifications

  • Bay Area Montessori Association ( BAMA)
  • AMS (American Montessori Society)


  • Montessori training – AMI / AMS
  • St Mary’s college, Master’s degree in early childhood education
  • Univ. of Texas, Austin, BBA in Accounting

Isha Matia

This is my first year teaching at Roots N Wings, and I have felt incredibly welcomed by staff, parents, and students alike. It is plain to see the great sense of community that the school prides itself on. I have recently moved to the Bay Area from Los Angeles. I have had the pleasure of teaching young children for the past 15 years. I have taught in traditional as well as in Montessori schools. I have had the opportunity to coach and judge Odyssey of the Mind and be a part of Science and Math Clubs. This incredible journey has provided me with many amazing opportunities and life lessons along the way. I gained invaluable experience, learning the latest research in education and how to implement it in the classroom, through my Montessori training. My goals as an educator are to meet the individual and group needs of my students in ways that support and challenge them in order to foster the most significant intellectual, social, and emotional growth. I also strive to create a safe and team-oriented community where all people feel acceptance and belonging.

I am blessed with a 4th grader son and proud of my husband who is into Cancer Research. My favorite pass time is to spend time with my family, go out for movie nights and traveling.

I am excited to be a part of the Roots N Wings family and the beautiful Bay Area. Thanks for the warm welcome!

  • Professional Memberships and Certifications
  • AMS(American Montessori Society)
  • Education
  • Montessori Training- AMS from Houston Montessori Center, Houston.
  • Bachelor’s Degree ( English, Philosophy, Political Science) – India

Roi Brigino

Roi Brigino grew up in the Philippines. He started his career in early child care education when he was 15 with some volunteer work at a summer kindergarten program sponsored by his church. After some time in the army, he took some early childhood development courses and then worked as a on-call substitute teacher in the Bay area.. Roi joined Roots N Wings Montessori in February 2013.  In his spare time, he spends time volunteering with his church and playing games.

His favorite part of teaching are the conversations with children. He enjoys listening to their stories, ideas. and dreams of the future.  He is drawn to teaching preschool as he enjoys watching the children express their joy and excitement as they learn.  He also finds it rewarding to help create the context for the rich experiences through which they flourish.


  • Computer Studies for two years in the Philippines.
  • Early education degree at DeAnza college.

Professional Memberships and Certifications

  • Fundamentals of Montessori Certification from CGMS.

Karen Smith, also known as Ms. Candy

Karen Smith grew up in Half Moon Bay and goes by the name Ms. Candy with the children.   At this point she has had a variety of different careers including the manager at Office Depot.  She choose to redefine her career, and her life by working in early childhood education because of her love of children and the desire to spend time with her own family.   She’s worked with a variety of different schools over the last several years.  Candy joined Roots N Wings Montessori in January 2015.  In her spare time, she enjoys baking, scrapbooking, photography and football.


  • AA general studies from CSM
  • California college of ECE certificate
  • Fundamentals of Montessori Certification from CGMS.