Online forms

Welcome to the forms completions center for Roots N Wings Montessori School.

This page contains forms from your initial enrollment application, to enrollment forms and the random form that you may need after your child starts school with us. Please let the Director know of any problems at

Enrollment application

Please complete an enrollment application if you are interested in enrolling in Roots N Wings Montessori. An application does not guarantee an enrollment offer, but applications are dated in the order that they are received. Applications are not valid until the application fee of $75 is received.

Parent enrollment forms

The following forms are the forms that need to be completed for enrollment at Roots N Wings Montessori School. Enrollment is only possible with an enrollment offer from the Director. Most of these are required state forms.
Enrollment Contract 2017-2018
Classroom Emergency Information

Consent for emergency treatment -Please complete both copies. One is stored with your child’s file, the other is part of a school set in case we need to evacuate.
Id and emergency info – Please complete the physician information, and include any individual that might pick up your child. Email is not sufficient to notify the school of changes in authorized pick-up’s.
Physician’s Report – This must be signed by your child’s physician before enrollment. Currently, there is no exception for vaccinations for personal beliefs.
Child’s health history
Student questionnaire
Potty training Policy
Financial Policies
Notification of Parents Rights
Personal rights
Important information for parents – This information is required to be provided to parents. There is no action required, and the form does not need to be returned.


Important Forms that you may need after enrollment

After enrollment, occasionally there are additionally forms that you may need to complete.  Primarily, these involve changes to authorized pick-ups for your child or the use of medication.

Authorization for Pick up
If you want to schedule a play-date for your child or any type of situation comes up where your child will be picked up by someone that is not listed as an authorized adult that we may release your child to, then it is essential that this form is signed and completed. Thanks for understanding about your child’s safety.

This form may not be completed online.  It must be printed, signed and returned to the school before your child is picked up.

Medications- Prescription and OTC
Children do get sick sometimes unfortunately.  We have a strict policy about sick children.  We know that it’s difficult to miss work, but sick children are not able to function at school, and really only want to be home with their parents.  However, as children begin to get well, sometimes they remain on medications for several days.  There are forms that are required for both prescription medications and any OTC medications.

In general, we avoid administration of all over the counter medications.  Sunscreen and lotion are considered an over the counter medication.  We prefer that children develop the skill to apply their own sunscreen and provide guidelines to help in this context.  Physician recommended lotion is only applied twice daily at a consistent time.  No other over the counter medications are administered.

Prescription medication must be provided to the school in the original container with the dosage information correctly documented.  This form may not be submitted by email.
Consent for medication authorization